JUREAP - Seeding Exascale in Europe!

The JUPITER Research and Early Access Program (JUREAP) will support early applications on JUPITER to utilize the machine most efficiently. We are building up and extending on experiences with previous systems at JSC to implement a holistic program. JUREAP will target collaboration with about 20 applications on JUPITER that are balanced in terms of methods (including AI) and scientific domains. JSC experts and application scientists will support optimization of use-cases to enable highly efficient execution and push the boundaries of high-performance computing (HPC) beyond the state of the art. JUREAP will not only enable full-scale runs, but also support their execution, analysis, and joint publications.

Besides its target for large-scale applications, JUREAP will support the smooth build-up during the assembly phase of JUPITER. This does not only include continuous benchmarking (CB) with real applications, but also the exploration of new hard- and software technologies, as well as the optimization of target applications. JUREAP will be rounded off with several dissemination activities, showcasing the results achieved and challenges solved. These activities will target both the scientific community, but also the general public.

After a call for participation, the program will start an enablement phase (SPEP, the Scalability and Performance Evaluation Phase). In this phase, candidates will prepare their applications for JUPITER and evaluate scalability on pre-exascale systems. We expect the call for participation to be opened in January. Further information and more detailed web pages will follow soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by mail: jureap@fz-juelich.de.

If you would like to stay informed, please subscribe to our mailing list via https://lists.fz-juelich.de/mailman/listinfo/jureap-info or by sending a mail to jureap-info-subscribe@fz-juelich.de and confirming it afterwards.

JUREAP - Seeding Exascale in Europe!
Last Modified: 08.02.2024