Final DECI Call

The 6th call from the DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative(DECI), which closed on 16 February 2010, was very successful.It attracted the record number of 122 applications, an increase of 62 % compared to last year’s call. The proposals submitted involve researchers from 22 European countries and 8 countries from the continents of America, Asia, and Australia. More than half a billion compute-hours have been requested.

In total, 56 projects were accepted and awarded more than 90 million compute-hours. The researchers will be given access to Europe’s most powerful supercomputers at one or more of the 13 DEISA partner sites, including JUGENE and JUROPA hosted by the Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Staff from DEISA will work closely with the researchers on each project, providing specialist application support to optimize the scientific codes and deploy them on the most appropriate architecture. For more information, please see

This was the final DECI call, since the DEISA project will be terminated in April 2011.

(Contact: Dr. Florian Janetzko, ext. 1446)

Last Modified: 11.09.2022