Big Blue Gene Week Reloaded

Due to the positive response to the first Big Blue Gene Week this summer, JSC will provide this opportunity to its users on a regular basis in future. The next event will take place from 5 to 12 December 2016 and will make the full capacity of JUQUEEN available to single runs of codes which profit from a high level of parallelism. During this week, job scheduling will again be modified as such that only jobs with a minimum of four Blue Gene/Q racks, or 65,536 compute cores, will be allowed to run. Smaller jobs will be excluded from execution. This will allow for better scheduling and a quicker turnaround of jobs requiring four to 28 racks.

All JUQUEEN users are invited to review their code and workflow in light of this event. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the supercomputing support team at
(Contact: Dr. Daniel Rohe)

JSC News No. 245, 18 November 2016

Last Modified: 11.08.2022