Third Big Blue Gene Week

In late January, JSC held its third Big Blue Gene Week on JUQUEEN and enabled users to run highly parallel applications for more than seven consecutive days. The interest in the event was particularly high and even made it necessary to limit the submission half way into the event. At the same time, it was extended by about 1.5 days to complete as many requests as possible. Scientific areas of interest included finite-element computations (FEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), neuroscience, and quantum materials. Once more, users took the chance to perform highly complex and demanding calculations and leveraged the accessible compute power to tackle their scientific challenges. With JUQUEEN due to be decommissioned in late spring this year, this event was the last of its kind on this machine. JSC will continue to offer similar events on successor architectures. In particular, JSC plans to schedule a Big Week on its newly implemented JURECA Booster module.
(Contact: Dr. Daniel Rohe,

JSC News No. 256, 7 March 2018

Last Modified: 05.08.2022