ORPHEUS Project Successfully Finished

In January 2018, the ORPHEUS project concluded its activities at a one-day public workshop in Berlin. The aim of the JSC-coordinated project was the investigation of new experimental and numerical methods for fire safety in underground stations. The BMBF-funded consortium consisted of 13 partners from academia and industry as well as fire brigades. One of the major activities was the real-scale smoke dynamics experiments at the metro station Osloer Straße in Berlin. These experiments were mainly used for underground climate investigations and model validations. They were accompanied by test runs of new firefighting strategies for Berlin's fire brigade. To date, the project members have published more than 20 contributions at national and international conferences and in journals.

Within the project, four JSC PhD students contributed to the research activities. While two of them have already finished their doctoral theses, the other two are in the final stages of their studies. JSC's scientific contribution to the project was the development of new numerical methods for pedestrian and smoke dynamics in complex infrastructures. This covers the coupling and multi-variate analysis of smoke spread and evacuation simulations, as well as dynamic mesh refinement and GPU-based real time concepts for smoke spread simulations.

Further project and contact information, a publications list, and the agenda of the closing workshop can be found on the project webpage http://www.orpheus-projekt.de.
(Contact: Dr. Lukas Arnold, l.arnold@fz-juelich.de)

JSC News No. 256, 7 March 2018

Last Modified: 05.07.2022