JSC @ ISC 2019

The International Supercomputing Conference High Performance 2019 (ISC 2019) will take place on 16–20 June 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. JSC, together with its partners in the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) – HLRS in Stuttgart and LRZ in Garching – will present its wide-ranging supercomputing activities at the GCS booth (B-1310) during the event.

JSC will showcase the first module of the modular supercomputer JUWELS, a cluster component with more than 2500 compute nodes, each equipped with two Intel Xeon 24-core Skylake CPUs and 96 GiB of main memory. To provide easy access and integration for external users and workflow managers, JSC offers web access to its HPC infrastructure based on Jupyter. How this powerful access method works will be explained in a live demo for the EU project Rhinodiagnost. Furthermore, news on HPC tools developed in-house, like LLview and Scalasca, will be presented. Flyers will inform about JSC’s research and support activities, as well as the HPC infrastructure provided to national and international scientists.

JSC colleagues will co-organize the "International Work-shop on OpenPOWER for HPC 2019", and members of JSC will speak at the workshops "Scalable Data Analytics in Scientific Computing" and "Second Workshop of Large Scale Simulation/HPC and Artificial Intelligence". Further¬more, JSC scientists will co-organize the tutorial "Hands-on Practical Hybrid Parallel Application Performance Engineering" and present the "HPC Tutorial: Applications, Systems, and Programming Models" on ISC STEM Student Day.

Additionally, members of JSC will give several presen-tations at the conference. JSC staff will also be on hand at the PRACE (B-1320) and JARA (B-1201) booths. Detailed information can be found at https://www.fz-juelich.de/en/ias/jsc/news/events/exhibitions/isc19.

Contact: Dr. Florian Janetzko, f.janetzko@fz-juelich.de

from JSC News No. 266, 14 June 2019

Last Modified: 18.09.2022