HAICU Local at FZJ: JSC and INM-1 Cooperating on Machine and Deep Learning

With the Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit (HAICU), the Helmholtz Association aims to build a future-oriented network for basic and applied artificial intelligence (AI) research. As an interdisciplinary AI platform, HAICU will integrate the Helmholtz Association's outstanding science portfolio, excellent infrastructures, unique data sets, and extensive methodological competence in order to position the Helmholtz Association at the forefront of AI research. HAICU’s central unit is located at Helmholtz Zentrum München. Other Helmholtz centres have been selected as hosts for the five local HAICU units, so that together the units represent all six research fields of the Helmholtz Association.

To ensure mutual exchange and close alignment between research, development, and support activities in the field of machine/deep learning (ML/DL), two dedicated teams will be deployed at JSC in the framework of HAICU Local at Forschungszentrum Jülich: the research-focused Cross-Sectional Team Deep Learning (CST-DL) and the newly established High-Level Support Team (HLST), focused on development and support. HLST will employ five researchers with experience in ML/DL research and software development. Jenia Jitsev and Morris Riedel will jointly lead the JSC section of HAICU Local, defining research topics and aligning support activities for long-term ML/DL research strategy at JSC. The research focus of CST-DL will be on enabling large-scale, continual, open-end learning on modular supercomputers, which includes integrated simulation-learning closed-loop systems with physics-informed constraints, methods for transferable, multi-task unsupervised and reinforcement learning, and distributed neural architecture search. CST-DL will work closely with HLST to make results and tools arising from research available to the broader scientific community and the general public. HLST will focus on development and research support in the fields of software engineering, data set creation and maintenance, and providing transparent open source implementations and documentation of outcomes from ML/DL related research. The Institute for Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-1) will also contribute to HAICU Local with a research group, thus continuing its long tradition of close cooperation with JSC.

Contact: Dr. Jenia Jitsev, Prof. Morris Riedel

from JSC News No. 267, 27 September 2019

Last Modified: 02.08.2022