CoE in Combustion to Accelerate Decarbonization of Energy

The “Center of Excellence in Combustion (CoEC)”, an EU-funded project starting on 1 October 2020 with a total budget of around € 5.6 million, brings together eleven European partners with dedicated expertise in the numerical simulation of combustion. The objective is to develop high-performance software accessible to the industrial sector for the design of innovative technologies in combustion. The simulation of turbulent combustion of real devices, such as engines and gas turbines, is extremely demanding computationally and is consistently in the group of few applications that use the largest part of the available computer time on Tier-0 machines.

The CoEC is built upon the European HPC combustion community and aims at boosting the transition of the EU combustion codes towards exascale computing. It will enable new breakthroughs towards decarbonization, by developing a portfolio of high-end exa-enabled services based on combustion simulations. The ultimate goal of the CoEC is to empower the combustion simulation community to face the current and future challenges for cleaner and more efficient power and propulsion systems.

With the upcoming exascale machines, an opportunity for the revision of simulation methodologies and the extension of the most accurate methods to a wider range of conditions becomes possible.

The project is therefore divided into four main activities: computing efficiency, modelling, data processing, and future technologies. JSC is responsible for the work package “Data processing and analysis”, dedicated to the challenges and opportunities arising from the significantly increasing amount of data available in the simulations.

Contact: Jens-Henrik Göbbert,

from JSC News No. 275, 25 September 2020

Last Modified: 05.07.2022