Virtual PRACE Summer of HPC Students at JSC

The PRACE Summer of HPC (SoHPC) programme, now in its eighth year, allowed 52 university students from all scientific disciplines to spend two months working together with PRACE partner organizations. In contrast to previous years, the programme was held fully remotely, which made it possible to give twice the number of students a chance to work in HPC. In addition to allowing students to work on research projects in a multidisciplinary and international environment, the aim of the SoHPC programme is to promote and disseminate scientific culture among the upcoming generation of researchers, making sure that students participating in the project will be the computational scientists of tomorrow. Furthermore, through the participants’ sharing of their experiences in blog posts and video presentations, the programme aims at ensuring that the students themselves become ambassadors for supercomputing at their respective institutions.

This year, four students, Josip Bobinac (Austria), Igor Abramov (Switzerland), Anssi Tapani Manninen (Finland), and Aitor López Sánchez (Spain) joined JSC remotely for the summer to gain first-hand experience in day-to-day research. After an online training week for all 52 students hosted by TU Wien, the four students teamed up and started working on their assigned projects at JSC. Josip and Igor were supervised by Ivo Kabadshow and worked on the Fast Multipole Method for GPUs, while Anssi and Aitor were supervised by Stefan Krieg and dealt with high performance quantum fields. They produced two video presentations that can be found at and

Contact: Dr. Ivo Kabadshow,

from JSC News No. 275, 25 September 2020

Last Modified: 05.07.2022