Estela Suarez Appointed Professor at the University of Bonn

Photo Dr. Estela Suarez
Dr. Estela Suarez
Forschungszentrum Jülich

Dr. Estela Suarez joined JSC in 2010 to work on techno-logy exploration and exascale computing within JSC’s Exascale Cluster Laboratory. In 2012, she took over the coordination of the EU-funded project DEEP (Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform). DEEP was the foundation stone of the DEEP Projects family, which has run for over ten years and has become one of the most successful HPC R&D endeavours in Europe.

Estela works on the continuous improvement of the Modular Supercomputing Architecture (MSA), one of the main results of the DEEP Projects and the central concept in JSC’s strategy for exascale computing. Her work focuses on the integration of the latest hardware technologies and the introduction of more malleability and dynamicity in the use and operation of MSA systems, achieved via an adapted and enhanced software stack. Co-design plays a key role in her work, and involves bringing together application developers with hardware and software experts to shape future technologies according to user requirements and port a wider range of applications to the newest platforms. The broader scope of this work is reflected in the new JSC division Novel System Architecture Design, which she will lead once it is fully established.

In February 2022, Estela was appointed professor of High Performance Computing at the University of Bonn’s Computer Science department, within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. She will retain her position at JSC according to the Jülich Model. The joint position will strengthen the existing collaborations with the University of Bonn, help to develop new cooperation opportunities, and attract students to work and perform HPC technology research at JSC.

Congratulations, Estela, and good luck with your new tasks.

from JSC News No. 287, 21 March 2022

Last Modified: 05.07.2022