Research Software Engineering at JSC and FZJ

Since the inception of the term ‘Research Software Engineer’ (RSE) in the UK in 2012, the RSE community grassroots movement, as well as the importance of research software and those who create it, have gone from strength to strength in gaining recognition around the world. RSEs are increasingly understood as vital in all research disciplines, and JSC has now invested in and committed directly to this cause.

In October, Claire Wyatt joined JSC from the UK as our RSE Community Manager. Claire has very success­fully held this role since 2016 at the Software Sustain­ability Institute in the UK and was a founding member of the Society of Research Software Engineering. She has developed the community in the UK and around the world over these past six years and joins JSC to develop the RSE community here and at FZJ within the OS4FZJ initiative and the HiRSE_PS project. The OS4FZJ initiative is a joint effort from JSC, the Central Library (ZB), and Corporate Development (UE) at FZJ to support open science on the centre level.

To enable you to stay informed about recent activities in the field of RSE, the RSE Rocket.Chat channel is open to all FZJ employees (see We post events and news on there regularly, and people can also ask for advice on their current code issues. Next year, JSC will co-organize two RSE conferences in Germany: deRSE 2023 (February 2023 in Paderborn) and the deRSE Unconference 2023 (September 2023 in Jena). For details, see

Contact: Claire Wyatt

from JSC News No. 293, 6 December 2022

Last Modified: 07.12.2022