Second Phase of EuroCC Started

Second Phase of EuroCC Started

To facilitate access to high-performance computing (HPC) in Europe, national competence centres (NCCs) for supercomputing, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics were established by the EU in the first phase of the EuroCC project from September 2020 until the end of 2022 in 33 participating countries. These centres offer free consulting and information for companies, researchers, and public administrations in their respective countries. In Germany, EuroCC@GCS took over the role of the NCC. It consists of the GCS centres HLRS, JSC, LRZ, and SICOS BW. The first phase of the project focused on establishing the German NCC as a single point of contact for HPC topics in Germany, creating an overview of HPC-related competencies, and offering training courses for industrial and academic users. The needs of potential users were identified and a service portfolio was defined.

The second funding phase of the project (EuroCC 2) started in January 2023 and will run for the next three years. It will concentrate on offering these services to industry, academia, and the public sector, and on collaborating with the European Centres of Excellence (CoEs).

In EuroCC 2, JSC is leading the tasks “Services to and Interaction with Academia and Public Administrations” and “Collaboration”. There are a growing number of activities in the project and JSC is currently looking for a new employee for EuroCC 2 (see job offer: 2023-042).

Contact: Dr. Sohel Herff

from JSC News No. 294, 7 February 2023

Last Modified: 21.02.2023