JSC Researcher Wins at QHack 2023

Congratulations to Alejandro Montanez-Barrera from JSC for being one of the winners of QHack 2023 with his project “Enhancing Portfolio Optimization Solutions – Wisely Encoding Constrained Combinatorial Optimization Problems on Quantum Devices”. QHack is one of the largest hackathons in quantum computing. At this year’s event, there were over 2,800 participants from 105 countries, 31 sponsors, and 90 hackathon projects. For more information on QHack 2023, please visit https://pennylane.ai/blog/2023/04/qhack-2023-highlights/.

Alejandro received awards in two categories: he won the Amazon Braket Challenge category for having one of the best projects using Amazon Web Service (see AWS Blog on the winners) and he received 3rd prize in the “Quantum computing today!” category for implementing a potential research idea in quantum computing.

Alejandro’s project uses the recent results from the research project “Unbalanced penalization: A new approach to encode inequality constraints of combinato­rial problems for quantum optimization algorithms” that he and colleagues at JSC published under the supervision of Prof. Kristel Michielsen. This method reduces the resources needed for solving constrained combinatorial optimization problems using quantum technology.

Contact: Dr. Alejandro Montanez-Barrera

from JSC News No. 296, 27 April 2023

Last Modified: 28.04.2023