JuRSE Website Released

JuRSE website released

The RSE team at JSC has released a new website on the topic of research software engineering (RSE), containing information about the new JuRSE community at FZJ, the topic of RSE itself, useful tools and resources for the everyday application of RSE. Together with their Forschungszentrum-internal partners at R, UE and ZB, the team now provides a one-stop information source for everyone interested in developing software in science, from students and researchers to decision makers and funding bodies. This includes three mission statements on what the team believes are crucial steps towards establishing RSE on campus, within Helmholtz Information and in Germany. 

JuRSE is an FZJ-wide initiative working to raise awareness, increase visibility and improve good practice for RSE. The initiative brings together different skills, knowledge and passion to support Research Software Engineering and Research Software Engineers from all disciplines and all career levels. The online and in-person JuRSE community is for all FZJ employees who are involved in the practice of Research Software Engineering. JuRSE aims to provide the community with the ability to share knowledge, make connections, build resources and continue their personal professional development.

The newly created website and the large variety of information it provides are a first step toward this goal. Join the community by signing up to the mailing list on the website.

Contact: Claire Wyatt

Last Modified: 21.02.2024