October 2022 to September 2025



Dr. Robert Speck

Head of the Division Mathematics and Education

Building 16.3 / Room 309

+49 2461/61-1644


Dr. Andreas Lintermann

Leader Simulation and Data Lab "Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids Engineering" Coordinator of CoE RAISE

Building 16.3v / Room 2001

+49 2461/61-1754



Novel Exascale-Architectures with Heterogeneous Hardware Components for Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Future Exascale computing architectures will feature a high number of heterogeneous hardware components that are comprised of special-purpose processsors or accelerators. The corresponding realization of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) application software as a central core component of nowaday's CFD simulations in industrial context requries high-scaling methods. These methods solve high-dimensional and unsteady (non)linear systems of equations and need to exploit the high peak performance of accelerator hardware on an algorithmic level. Furthermore, these methodologies need to be integrated into application software such that they can be used for realistic applications by non-HPC experts, especially for control and optimization tasks in industry relevant processes. They need to be executed ressource-efficiently and need to exploit the performance of future Exascale computers. Especially the open-source software FEATFLOW , developed at TU Dortmund University, is a high-performance tool and a central component of the StroemungsRaum platform that is successfully used by the industriual partner of the project IANUS for years. In the context of the whole project, FEATFLOW will be extended methodologically and by parallel near-hardware implementations such that high-scaling CFD simulations cat be run on future Exascale architectures.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under grant no. 16ME0708.