Datacube offering for the EarthServer Federation

About FZ Jülich's Datacubes:

The Jülich Supercomputing Centre at Forschungszentrum Juelich is happy to join the EarthServer federation and to host a rasdaman server offering meteorological and terrestrial system model outputs to the scientific community and other users. While FZ Jülich’s data offerings are under construction we initially offer selected output from the German weather service’s (DWD) COSMO-EPS ensemble prediction system and the Terrestrial System Modelling Platform (TerrsysMP) in the context of the DeepRain project ( and the Digital Geosystem Rheinisches Revier (DG-RR), respectively.


COSMO-EPS (Consortium for Small-Scale Modeling - Ensemble Prediction System) is an ensemble weather prediction system operated by the German weather service (DWD) that provides 2.8 km resolution gridded weather and climate data over Central Europe. Our platform includes selected variables that can be used by the researcher for e.g. the retrieval of data via a human or machine-readable portal with a scalable solution for machine learning application.

About Data:

Temporal extent:2016-01-01 to 2016-12-31
Spatial extent:Central Europe (Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic)
Temporal resolution:hourly
Spatial resolution:2.8 km by 2.8 km (nominal)
Grid projection:Rotated latitude-longitude grid, south pole at (-40,10) lat/lon
Total data volume:25 TByte (6 TByte currently available)
CAPE_ML:Convective Available Potential Energy, mean layer (J kg-1)
CIN-ML:Convective Inhibition, mean layer (J kg-1)
CLCT:Total Cloud Cover (%)
T:Temperature (K)
R:Rain (kg/m2 * s)

The DeepRain Project

The DeepRain project ( investigates how modern methods of machine learning can be applied to improve precipitation forecasts in Germany. The datacubes at FZ Jülich have been set up and run with the support of this project.

The DG-RR Project

Data information system for agriculture, forest management, water resources and land management as well as for engineering questions.

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