Additional OpenStack Services

In addition to the OpenStack core services – Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, and Glance – we offer additional services or extended features of the aforementioned services that may be useful in your application scenario.

Orchestration / Heat

OpenStack Heat is an orchestration component to automate the deployment of Cloud resources for a Cloud application. It is centered around Heat templates that are instantiated to Heat stacks representing the running instance. There are possibilities to apply changes to running stacks by updating them, which is particularly useful with parameterized templates.

The easiest way to start with Heat is to follow the Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) Guide.

Besides making Heat available to users of HDF Cloud, we also use it to create new projects and alleviate users from the burden of setting up a default initial network environment.

Load balancer / Octavia

OpenStack Octavia offers network load balancing in front of your services.

Last Modified: 18.11.2021