Biomarker Development

The members of Biomarker Development: Maria Goni, Michael Stolz, Georg von Polier, Leon Lotter; Back: Dr. Jürgen Dukart, Lisa Hahn, Juha Lahnakoski, Mehran Far


The aim of the group "Biomarker Development" led by PD Dr. Jürgen Dukart is to identify, validate and integrate novel neuroimaging and digital biomarkers that can be applied for early detection and treatment evaluation of changes in brain organization in advanced age as well as in neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Development of novel biomarkers that improve diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of disease progression is an essential step towards the development of successful treatment options for neuropsychiatric diseases.

Research Topics

The group focuses on understanding the underlying neuropathology of specific dysfunctions. To this end, different biomarker technologies, such as multimodal neuroimaging, and sensor-based evaluations will be combined. The combination of data from own clinical studies and large public databases with machine learning enables the identification of new biomarkers, and from a theoretical point of view a more detailed understanding of the underlying symptoms.

Prospective validation of these technologies and biomarkers in local studies is critical for their success in terms of integration into everyday research and clinical practice. As the application of innovative analysis methods to large amounts of data is an important aspect, this group strongly collaborates with the group Applied Machine Learning. In terms of content, there is a strong synergy with the group Brain Variability, especially with regard to prognostic applications.


Dr. Jürgen Dukart


Building 14.6 / Room 2039

+49 2461/61-85926


Group Members

Dr. Jürgen DukartBuilding 14.6 / Room 2039+49 2461/61-85926
Dr. Georg von PolierBuilding 15.2 / Room 315+49 2461/61-8009
Dr. Juha LahnakoskiBuilding 14.6y / Room 2047+49 2461/61-1409
Umberto CalleriNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2039+49 2461/61-85926
Mehran Sahandi FarBuilding 15.2 / Room 417+49 2461/61-85333
Jona Marcus FischerBuilding 14.6y / Room 3047+49 2461/61-96112
Jan KasperBuilding 15.2 / Room 416+49 2461/61-8785
Leon LotterBuilding 14.6y / Room 2039+49 2461/61-85926
Mamaka NaravaNoneBuilding 15.2v / Room 234+49 2461/61-8785
Fateme RahmanabadiNoneBuilding 15.2v / Room 234+49 2461/61-8785
Franziska SchützBuilding 14.6y +49 2461/61-9004
Michaela ZilsNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2039+49 2461/61-85926
Rachel BambergerNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2039+49 2461/61-85926
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