Brain Variability

Members of Brain Variability: Julia Amunts, Lisa Wiersch, Dr. Susanne Weis, Lisa Mochalski, Julia Camilleri, Laura Muzzarelli, Jean-Philipp Kröll


Just as humans differ from each other, so do their brains. To understand the origin of individual differences in character traits, cognitive performance or human behavior, a thorough understanding of the variability of brain organization is fundamental. Especially in the clinical context it is centrally important to understand the continuum spanning normal variance of brain organization as well as pathological variations. Patterns derived from classical group studies typically are of minor informative value when considering an individual patient. Rather, specific individual patterns must be considered for each patient in order to be able to predict the course of the disease and select treatment methods accordingly.

Research Topics

The group "Brain Variability" headed by Susanne Weis investigates the relationship between variability of structural and functional brain organization and individual differences in experience, information processing and behavior. The group’s research aims for a better understanding and ultimately prediction of brain changes with aging as well as in neurological and psychiatric diseases. For this purpose, both "systematic variability" such as gender differences and age effects as well as "individual variability" related to individual personality traits, differences in performance or cognitive impairments are investigated. Further factors influencing individual brain variability, like hormonal fluctuations, time-of-day rhythms, motivation changes, and other internal and external factors are also considered.


PD Dr. Susanne Weis


Building 14.6y / Room 2038

+49 2461/61-85925


Group Members

PD Dr. Susanne WeisBuilding 14.6y / Room 2038+49 2461/61-85925
Julia CamilleriNoneBuilding 15.2v / Room 313+49 2461/61-96411
Dr. Patrick FriedrichBuilding 14.6 / Room 2050+49 2461/61-96084
Dr. Xuan LiBuilding 15.2 / Room 319+49 2461/61-87875
Lisa MochalskiBuilding 14.6y / Room 3048+49 2461/61-85333
Natalie SchlothauerBuilding 14.6y / Room 3036+49 2461/61-96088
Jean-Philippe KröllBuilding 15.2 / Room 419+49 2461/61-85335
Lea-Dylana OhanyanNoneBuilding 15.2 / Room 208+49 2461/61-8785
Sayan BhaduriNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2036+49 2461/61-96411
Amy ObreiterNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2038+49 2461/61-85925
Gianna KuhlesNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 3046+49 2461/61-96111
Lisa WierschNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 3050+49 2461/61-96119
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