The focus of the group "Psychoinformatics" lies on the interface of neuroscience, psychology and computer science and the combination of classical experimental methodology with machine learning methods.

Research Topics

For the execution of certain ideas or research projects, specific software tools for dealing with large amounts of data or for implementing certain algorithms are required. Therefore, the research of this group covers a broad range from advancing research methodology, to the actual engineering of readily usable tools, to the application of such developments to concrete research questions in medicine, psychology, or cognitive neuroscience. This includes the development of methods for the creation and validation of digital brain atlases, as well as the development of practical software tools for data management and the development of analysis pipelines, which are essential for the comprehensive evaluation of large data sets (big data).

Within the structure of INM-7, the group contributes to the development and establishment of research data infrastructure and (meta)data as well as software pipeline standards on an international, national and local level.


Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke


Building 15.2 / Room 319

+49 2461/61-5297


Group Members

Prof. Dr. Michael HankeBuilding 15.2 / Room 319+49 2461/61-5297
Stephan HeunisBuilding 15.2 / Room 208+49 2461/61-8785
Adina Svenja WagnerBuilding 15.2 / Room 319+49 2461/61-4498
Laura WaiteBuilding 15.2 / Room 319+49 2461/61-1678
Małgorzata WierzbaBuilding 15.2 / Room 319+49 2461/61-8785
Michał SzczepanikNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 3044+49 2461/61-96104
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