Neuroethics and Ethics in AI


The research group currently coordinates the joint BMBF-Project FRAIM - Beyond Performance: Exploring the framework for artificial intelligence in brain medicine.

Members of the research group are involved in academic teaching at the Universities of Bonn and Aachen. In addition, the INM-8 regularly conducts courses on the subject of Good Scientific Practice as part of the JuDocS program at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Research Topics

The research group Neuroethics and Ethics in AI deals with ethical questions raised by modern cognitive science research.

These include, for example, questions about how central research and medical-ethical principles can be implemented in the therapy and research of psychiatric diseases and how neuro-enhancement is to be evaluated ethically. Another topic is the moral implications of AI methods used in diagnostic and predictive processes. In addition, the working group examines whether basic ethical and philosophical concepts such as 'person' or 'responsibility' need to be revised in the light of the latest findings in cognitive science. With its research approach, the working group - in a close interdisciplinary network - contributes to a comprehensive understanding of biological and cognitive information processing and its responsible clinical and technological application.


Prof. Dr. Bert Heinrichs


Building 14.6 / Room 301/302

+49 2461/61-96431


Group Members

PD Dr. Jan-Hendrik HeinrichsBuilding 14.6 / Room 304+49 2461/61-4792
Prof. Dr. Bert HeinrichsBuilding 14.6 / Room 301/302+49 2461/61-96431
M.A. Sandra FömpeBuilding 14.6y +49 2461/61-9004
Katrin HeylNoneBuilding 14.6 / Room 312+49 2461/61-96622
Dipl.-Psych. Cornelia R. KargerBuilding 14.6 / Room -308+49 2461/61-2794
Dr. Charles RathkopfBuilding 14.6 / Room 336+49 2461/61-3536
Dr. Markus RütherBuilding 14.6 / Room 333+49 2461/61-96446
Mandy StakeBuilding 14.6 / Room 332+49 2461/61-3562
Ulrich SteckmannBuilding 14.6 / Room 307+49 2461/61-1474
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