NMR Diffusometry

Pulsed field gradient NMR produces diffusion data (in this case from protons in a sample) in the 10-micrometer/millisecond range. The acquired diffusion constants are equal to those measured by NSE in the nanometer range (100-nanoseconds).

In our institute, a pulse field gradient NMR (PFG-NMR, Bruker Minispec mq20 System with 33mm Airgap Magnet) is used as a complementary method, to observe the mobility of polymers (proton diffusion). To measure slower diffusion processes, e.g. in complex, functional polymer-based systems, the high resolution Bruker Avance 600 MHz instrument is available, with the sample head for diffusion measurements Diff30. In this way, measurements of protons as well as deuterons are possible.

PFG-NMR is used for studies on a time scale from a few milliseconds to several hundred milliseconds and is thus capable of supplementing neutron spin echo experiments.

Last Modified: 24.05.2022