Molecular Exchange Kinetics

The study of molecular exchange kinetics of telechelic polymers is relevant for transport mechanism in biological systems, as well as for applications in nano-medicine and cosmetics.

Molecular Exchange Kinetics

In a systematic study we investigated the molecular exchange kinetics of hydrophobically double ended, called telechelic, polymer chains in flowerlike micelles. Time-resolved neutron scattering was used to watch the exchange between deuterium and hydrogen labelled micelles taking advantage of their opposite neutron properties. This enabled us to monitor the rate of exchange under different conditions such as temperature and concentration. The study shows that the main mechanism involves bridging of telechelic chains between neighbouring micelles. A simultaneous release of the two chain ends could be excluded. The experimental data are consistent with a simple kinetic model that provides a complete picture of the exchange mechanism and how it depends on the collision with a second micelle.


  • N. König , L. Willner, V. Pipich, N. Mahmoudi and R. Lund
    Tale of Two Tails: Molecular Exchange Kinetics of Telechelic Polymer Micelles
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 197801


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