Nanoparticles (NP) are an interesting material class, they show a wide variety of properties such as luminescence, super-paramagnetism and plasmon resonance for example. Most of these properties depend on the size and/or form of the NP, therefore it is very important to synthesize monodisperse and uniform NP. For the ability to tune the size and/or form of the NP it would be very beneficial to understand the nucleation and growth kinetics. To investigate this we developed an in-situ SAXS setup.

Synthesized NPs amongst others FeOx, ZnO, ZnS, CdSe, Au, Ag, Pd, CsPbBr-Perovskite


  • S. Ehlert , T. Lunkenbein, J. Breu, S. Förster
    Facile large-scale synthetic route to monodisperse ZnO nanocrystals
    Colloids and Surfaces A 2014,444,76


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