We investigate the possibilities to achieve 2D and 3D nanostructures by self-assembly of single component nanocomposites (SCN). The possibility to control the exact position of nanoparticles in a nanocomposite would be beneficial for a lot of applications, for example in data storage. For the formation of the SCN we graft the particles with block copolymers, block copolymers are known to self-assemble into diverse structures. We investigate the structures obtained by self-assembly of the SCN.



  • V. Leffler, L. Mayr, P. Paciok, H. Du, R. Dunin-Borkowski, M. Dulle and S. Förster
    ControlledAssembly of BlockCopolymerCoatedNanoparticles in 2DArrays
    Angew.Chem. 2019,131,8629


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