Monochromatized electron source

A new electron source for the parallel acquisition of high-resolution electron energy loss spectra.

Investigating the dispersion of phonons and collective charge modes with high surface sensitivity is best achieved with high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (HREELS) [1]. However, a systematic measurement over the whole Brillouin zone can takes weeks with standard instruments, which measure the electron intensity sequentially, i.e., at one specific loss energy and one scattering angle at a time. Therefore, we have modified a high-resolution electron source to meet the requirements of commercial hemispherical electron analyzers with E(k) imaging capabilities [2, 3]. This allows the parallel detection of electrons in a broad range of momenta. Our electron source has been licensed to ScientaOmicron and is commercially available as MCES150.

The new electron gun that complies to the geometrical requirements of commercial electron analyzers.

Last Modified: 11.04.2022