Multitip scanning probe microscopy


We study the intriguing charge transport properties of quantum materials like topological insulators and novel 2D materials. For the best access to nanoscale charge transport properties, we develop novel multi-tip SPM instruments and corresponding measurement techniques.

Research Topics

  • Multi-tip SPM instrument development
  • Charge transport at nanostructures of quantum materials
  • Charge Transport at Surfaces


Prof. Dr. Bert Voigtländer


Building 02.4w / Room 318

+49 2461/61-4116



Dr. Timofey BalashovBuilding 02.4v / Room 124+49 2461/61-2332
Dr. Vasily CherepanovBuilding 02.4 / Room 322+49 2461/61-6636
Jonathan Karl HofmannBuilding 02.4w / Room 126+49 2461/61-6362
Serhii KovalchukBuilding 02.4v / Room 126+49 2461/61-6362
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