Emmy Noether Group

Dr. Felix Lüpke has been admitted to the Emmy Noether Program by the German Research Foundation (DFG). This funding opens up the opportunity for outstandingly qualified early-career researchers to qualify for a university professorship by independently leading a junior research group for a period of six years.

An important prerequisite for the funding is an excellent research project. Felix Lüpke was able to impress with his proposal. The title: “Manipulation of 2D Superconductivity and Majorana States on the Nanoscale.” The goal of the Emmy-Noether group is the realization of novel superconductors in layered stacks built from individual layers only a few atoms thick. The production of such heterostructures is based on methods that Felix Lüpke and his team recently developed, among other places, at the Peter Grünberg Institute. In the superconductor layers, they want to investigate the localization and control of so-called Majorana states, which promise potential applications in quantum computing.

Last Modified: 04.03.2024