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Probationary Period

Employees’ probationary periods are regulated by § 2 of the Collective Agreement for the Civil Service (TVöD). This period enables employees to be introduced to and integrated into the particular conditions in place at the company, and facilitates a trial of their knowledge and skills in order to determine their suitability for permanent employment. In accordance with TVöD, the probationary period corresponds to the first six months of employment, unless the employment contract explicitly states that there will be no probationary period or a shorter probationary period.

Pursuant to § 30(4) TVöD, an exception is made for employees who have fixed-term contracts for no objective reason in accordance with the German law on part-time and temporary employment (TzBfG) to whom the regulations of the “Tarifgebiet West” (former West German federal states) apply and who would have fallen under the former employee pension insurance scheme “Rentenversicherung der Angestellten” prior to 1 January 2005. For these employees, the probationary period consists of only six weeks.

During the probationary period, all rights and obligations stipulated in the employment contract apply. Employees hired immediately following the successful completion of a vocational training programme at the company do not have a probationary period. Absences due to time spent undertaking basic military or community service will not be counted towards fulfilling the probationary period. No special regulations apply to part-time employees.