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Non-standard radionuclides

With the growing impact of PET in clinical diagnosis, besides standard positron emitters the need for novel, non-standard positron emitters, e.g. 64Cu, 73Se, 76Br or 120I, is evident.

The use of standard PET nuclides, i.e. 11C and 18F, is established in numerous radiotracers, and is especially suited for imaging of fast biochemical processes. Non-standard PET nuclides, on the other hand, find application especially in studying slow metabolic processes. They can significantly expand the range of potential tracers and the field of application. Moreover, the production of non-standard radionuclides for therapeutic applications can expand the areas of application of these emitters significantly.

Over the last 20 years extensive work on various aspects of development of non-standard positron emitters using medical cyclotrons has been carried out at several laboratories. Nuclear data measurements for many non-standard radionuclides have been performed at the INM-5 of the Forschungszentrum Jülich.