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Passing on Knowledge

Educating young scienstists forms an integral part of our research agenda. About half of our staff are PhD students. Most of them are enrolled at RWTH Aachen University. Over the years, many graduates of our institute have gone on to become leading scientists in their respective fields.

Current PhD projects are listed below. Please check our Jobs page for open positions:

StudentPhD projectcompletionsupervisor
Ingo KrögerAdsorption of Phthalocyanine molecules on noble metal surfaces2011C. Kumpf
Giuseppe MercurioX-ray standing waves2011F. S. Tautz
Christian WeissScanning Tunneling Hydrogen Microscopy2011R. Temirov
Leonid KliuenkoImaging and Spectroscopy of Polyoxometalates and Carboxylates
at surfaces
2011B. Voigtländer
Evgeny ZubkovCharge transport through nanostructures using a multiprobe STM 2011B. Voigtländer
Mirko MüllerSelf-assembled monolayers of biphenyls2012F. S. Tautz
Hubertus JunkerDevelopment of a low temperature multi tip STM and charge
transport measurements on the nanoscale
2012B. Voigtländer
Axel DelheyElectronic properties of organic molecules adsorbed on metal surfaces2012F. S. Tautz
Christoph KleimannStructure of Phthalocyanine molecules on metallic surfaces2012C. Kumpf
Benjamin StadtmüllerMultinary molecular adsorption on metal surfaces2013C. Kumpf
Norman FournierMolecular wires2013R. Temirov
Georgy KichinScanning Tunnelling Hydrogen Microscopy2013R. Temirov
Martin WillenbockelX-ray standing waves2013F. S. Tautz
Stefan KorteCharge transport in graphene layers studied using a multi tip STM2013B. Voigtländer
Marcus BlabCharge transport measurements on lithographically structured
substrates using a multi tip STM
2013B. Voigtländer

The institute also hosts a Postdoctoral Research-Fellow funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Dr. Tomoki Sueyoshi from Chiba University, Japan). Of course, we also offer and supervise Bachelor and Master projects.

In addition, members of PGI-3 regularly teach at RWTH Aachen University.