Team & Topics




Mehdi Babamehdi

PhD student, 2020

Multi-GPU multigrid for phase field problems

Thomas Baumann

PhD student, 2021

Fault-tolerant time integrators

Jannik Finck

Bachelor student, 2023


Sriramkrishnan Muralikrishnan

Research staff

GPU-accelerated iterative methods in space and time

Abdelouahed Ouardghi

Research staff

Parallel-in-Time integration techniques for fluid simulations

Dr. Ruth Schöbel

Team Leader

Time integration software

Dr. Robert Speck

Division head

Parallel-in-Time integration with SDC and PFASST

Simon Wenchel

Master student, 2024

Nonlinear Domain decomposition methods for discontinuous Galerkin methods





Kyrill Ho

Master student from KIT, 2022-2023

Spectral Deferred Correction for differential algebraic equations

Timo Lenz

Master student, 2020-2022

pySDC with CuPy on GPUs

Dr. Hannah Rittich

Research staff, 2018-2022

Parallel integrators for oscillatory problems

Gayatri Čaklović

PhD student, 2018-2021

Diagonalization-based parallelization in time

Jan Grünenwald

Master student, 2020-2022

SDC for phase field problems

Isabel Heisters

Master student, 2018-2020

Parareal in Julia with Singularity

Gitte Kremling

Master student, 2018-2019

Convergence Analysis for Multi-level Spectral Deferred Corrections

Ruth Schöbel

PhD student, 2016-2019

Nonlinear multigrid methods in time: Convergence and parallelization

Alba Troci

Research assistant, 2018-2019

Fault-tolerant time integration with spectral deferred corrections

Stefan Kreutzer

Master student, 2015-2017

Spectral Deferred Corrections und Finite Elemente: Die Rothe-Methode

Marco Vaassen

Master student, 2015-2017

Multigrid-driven spectral deferred corrections for stiff reaction-diffusion systems

Dieter Moser

Master student, 2015-2017

A multigrid perspective on the Parallel Full Approximation Scheme in Space and Time

Torbjörn Klatt

Research assistant, 2013-2015

Design and implementation of PFASST++

Selman Terzi

Master student, 2015

Der hybride Parareal/SDC Algorithmus

Jana Boltersdorf

Bachelor student, 2014

Der hybride Parareal/SDC Algorithmus

Dr. Mathias Winkel

Post doctoral assistant, 2012-2013

A high-order Boris integrator

Marina Weingartz

Master student, 2012-2014

Spectral Deferred Corrections für das Slow-Wave-Fast-Wave-Problem

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