April 2021 to March 2024



Prof. Dr. Estela Suarez

Joint Lead of JSC-Division "Novel System Architecture Design"

Building 16.4 / Room 222

+49 2461/61-9110



Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform - Software for Exascale Architectures

DEEP-SEA is member of the DEEP project series.

The project will deliver the programming environment for future European exascale systems, adapting all levels of the software (SW) stack. This comprises low-level drivers, computation and communication libraries, resource management, and programming abstractions with associated runtime systems and tools. The goal is to support highly heterogeneous compute and memory configurations, and to allow code optimisation across existing and future architectures and systems.

DEEP-SEA will implement data placement policies for deep memory hierarchies, improving application performance on future platforms with heterogeneous memory configurations. At system-level, CPUs and accelerators (CPUs, GPUs and other accelerators) are efficiently integrated following the Modular Supercomputer Architecture (MSA).

The DEEP-SEA SW stack will enable dynamic resource allocation, application malleability, programming composability, and include tools to map applications to the MSA. The result is a SW environment enabling applications to run on the best suited hardware, in a scalable, and energy efficient manner.

Besides coordinating the project JSC leads the Co-Design between hardware/software and applications including profiling, tracing, monitoring, benchmarking, and application support. Furthermore, JSC adapts an application in the area of Earth system modelling, and is responsible for continuous integration and collaboration with related projects.