Laue Camera

MWL120 Laue camera equipped with a multiwire detector and a tungsten X-ray tube. The camera is used for the analysis and orientation of single crystals in back reflection. By the use of motorized goniometers the orientation process can be observed in real-time. Northstar 7 software indexes Laue images from cubic, hexagonal, ...triclinic crystal systems and generates stereographic projections.

In general:

  • Orients and characterizes single crystals in real-time. 
  • Provides an accuracy of 0.25° in standard mode and 0.05° in high-resolution mode.
  • Applications include: silicon, gallium arsenide, high-Tc superconductors, sapphire, geological minerals, turbine blades, etc. and detecting grain boundaries.
  • As small as 0.5 mm2 single crystal sample can be oriented easily.

MWL120 Laue camera
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