Detectors for instruments in neutron scattering

Detectors form a key component for the instruments in neutron scattering. They measure the incident neutron fluxes as well as the positions and intensities of the neutrons scattered on the sample. Their capabilities in terms of detection efficiency, time resolution, position resolution, dead time and gamma sensitivity as well as the stability, failure safety and usability in various environmental conditions are of crucial importance for the functionality of the instruments, the quality of the measurements and the user operation.

The work in the area of neutron detectors involves the commissioning, characterization and maintenance of the detectors and serve to ensure a high standard and reproducibility of the measurements. New neutron detectors are also designed and developed. Here, cooperations with companies and detector groups are being pursued at national and international level.

These activities are supported by the acquisition of third-party funded projects, as well as by cooperation and representation in national and international collaborations for the research and development of neutron detectors

Contact: Günter Kemmerling

Last Modified: 12.04.2022