Photosynthesis Portfolio

Das IBG-2 hält ein umfangreiches Portfolio an Messgeräten zur Quarakterisierung der Photosyntheseleistung vor

Photosynthesis is classically characterized on the leaf-level and gas-exchange and fluorescence techniques are the most widely used approaches. The IBG-2 operates a wide portfolio of standard photosynthesis measurement systems, which are used as reference to develop novel technologies and which are used across various projects to characterize the actual status of photosynthetic light conversion.
Instruments, which are available and used by the Shoot group of IBG-2 are:

  • 4 Mini-PAM systems of different versions to enable fast measurements of the efficiency of light reactions in the greenhouse and field
  • One PAM-2100 (Onno, please confirm) to measure different parameters of photosynthetic light reactions in the laboratory, greenhouse and field.
  • An Imaging PAM to map the spatio-temporal dynamics of light reactions of single leaves in the laboratory
  • 3 portable Li-Cor gas-exchange systems (LI-6200, LI-6400 & LI-7000) [Onno please check and confirm], which are the golden standard to measure photosynthetic CO2 fixation and leaf evapotranspiration in the laboratory, greenhouse and field
  • 12 measurement heads of the Moni-PAM, which are permanently installed fluorescence measurement heads that are used to record long time series of fluorescence parameters in the field
  • A MultiPlex system to record steady stated fluorescence at different wavelengths and under different excitation light.



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