We are especially looking for ...

... Ph.D. students that are interested in the projects listed below. Unless otherwise stated in the project description, you are welcome to apply via the regular admission procedure of the IHRS BioSoft, where you can select up to three groups that you are interested to join. In case you have questions regarding a project or would like to apply only for a specific position, please contact the scientist that offers the position directly. For more general questions, please contact the coordination office.

Ph.D. positions

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Our institutes also offer opportunities for Master's and Bachelor's thesis projects. If you are interested, it is always worth approaching our scientists and asking whether we can offer a project, even if you do not find a specific offer listed below.

Master and Bachelor Positions

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@ Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Jülich

Last Modified: 12.09.2022