Career Development I

This career-development course for first-year students will take place either on 25 October or 08 November 2023. The final date will be confirmed along with the other dates for the course program in the winter semester 2023/24.

Focus Questions

The course set has been developed jointly by the Jülich Career Center and the IHRS BioSoft. It aims to support fellows to develop centered around the focus questions.

  • What are my competencies?
  • What do I want my future path to look like?
  • What do I need to be successful?
Career Development I
Career Development I

Topics of the Year-1 Training Course:

  • How to use the PhD years to develop skills for my scientific project and my career?
  • How and why to talk to my supervisor about career development?
  • Importance of developing transferable skills for careers in science, industry etc.?
  • What developmental areas are there?
  • How to work with an individual development plan?

Goals of the Career Training Courses

We provide career training courses that are mandatory for all fellows of the IHRS BioSoft, independent at which of the member institution they are based at. Furthermore, a continuous counseling is offered by the Jülich Career Center to all course participants. The set of three courses is tailored to the needs of PhD students in the various phases of their thesis projects. By supporting structure and guidance for career discussions with supervisors and mentors, the courses help strengthening the relationships between PhD students and supervisors.

Most of the IHRS BioSoft courses are open to all interested colleagues. This particular training offer is open to fellows only. If you are interested to become a fellow, consider applying. A double membership with roof graduate schools (JuDocS, iGrad, Cologne Graduate School Chemistry, BCGS, ...) is possible.

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