Biophysics seeks to understand the processes of life by applying advanced methods of physics and chemistry to biological systems. Understanding complex biological systems requires exquisitely detailed and quantitative knowledge of the underlying processes at the molecular, cellular, and systems level.

The pictures on this page only represent a small selection of systems studied by the groups that participate in the IHRS BioSoft. If you are mainly interested in biological systems, have a look at the research projects in the groups of Prof. Fitter, Prof. Sachse, Prof. Kaupp, Prof. Merkel, Prof. Fahlke, Prof. Müller, Prof. Baumann, Prof. Offenhäusser, Prof. Willbold, Prof. Rose, Prof. Maier, Prof. Strodel, Prof. Schöder, Prof. Gompper, PD Dr. Elgeti, and Prof. Förster.

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