Student's Seminar Summer 2015

(20-minute talks followed by 20-minute discussions)
(building 15.1X, room 249)

Wednesday, 29th April 2015
(building 02.4w, room 309b)

9:30-10:10Clara Abaurrea Velasco
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Modelling membrane-filament interactions
10:15-10:55Irina Tihaa
Analysis of neuronal networks using optogenetical and electrical methods

Wednesday, 20th May 2015
(building 05.2, room 3012)

9:30-10:10Tatjana Braun
(Structural Biochemistry)
Ab-initio protein modeling based on CryoEM density maps
10:15-10:55Hussein Hamzeh
(Molecular Sensory Systems)
A new labeling strategy to identify and study the spatial organization of resact receptors in sea urchin sperm
11:00-11:40Karandeep Singh
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Receptor-mediated wrapping of nanoparticles

Wednesday, 17th June 2015
(building 15.1, room 249)

8:45-9:25Özer Duman
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Modelling collective cell motility
9:30-10:10Amudha Kumari Duraisamy
(Structural Biochemistry)
Local averaging of cryo-electron microscopy data
10:15-10:55Henning Höfig
(Molecular Biophysics)
Accessing the length and time scales of biomolecules using time-correlated single-photon counting
11:00-11:40Gloria Fabris
Understanding the acinar cage: molecule exchange and mechanical stability of breast glands

Wednesday, 1st July 2015
(building 15.1, room 249)

9:30-10:10Tamar Ziehm
(Structural Biochemistry)
Cyclization and charge elevation as optimization tools during the drug discovery process for Alzheimer´s Disease
10:15-10:55Felix Beinlich
(Cellular Biophysics)
Fluorescence lifetime of LOV-based fluorescent proteins and photo-induced damage in human cell cultures
11:00-11:40Claudia Alleva
(Cellular Biophysics)
Ligand recognition in a glutamate transporter homologue

Wednesday, 22nd July 2015
(building 15.1, room 249)

8:45-9:25Maddalena Comini
(Cellular Biophysics)
The role of ClC-3 in neuroendocrine cells
9:30-10:10Barbara Gold
(Neutron Scattering)
From nature to innovative smart materials - using dynamic hydrogen bonds to tailor properties of polydiene elastomers
10:15-10:55Carola Harbauer
(Physical Chemistry)
Primary formation kinetics of microemulsions along different pathways and the influence of additives
11:00-11:40Eva Kreysing
Characterization of the cell-chip interface using surface plasmon resonance

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