Student's Seminar Summer 2019

(20-minute talks followed by 20-minute discussions)

Wednesday, 8th May 2019 (building 01.3, room 3001)

9:45-10:25Sergi Roca
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Microswimmers driven by thermophoresis
10:30-11:10Miriam Engels
(Cellular Biophysics)
Regulation of intracellular chloride concentrations in glial cells
11:15-11:55Andrea Jansen
(Cellular Biophysics)
Insight into the lysosome--Developing a method to measure luminal chloride concentrations

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 (building 01.3, room 3001)

9:15-9:40Yi Liu
(Soft Condensed Matter)
The EUSMI Network: your possibilities to access European Soft Matter Infrastructure
9:45-10:25Jan Meyer
Techniques to induce and measure changes of the intracellular sodium concentration
10:30-11:10Luman Haris
(Neutron Scattering and Soft Matter)
Combining neutron scattering and single-molecule techniques to study intrinsically disordered proteins
11:15-11:55Jan Hansen
(Physics of Soft Matter)
Non-equilibrium states of sticky particles: phase separation and dynamical arrest

Wednesday, 5th June 2019 (building 15.9, room 4001)

9:00-9:40Bettina Mertens
(Cellular Biophysics)
Vesicular glutamate transporters: Channels, transporters, or both?
9:45-10:25Julian Folz
(Molecular Physical Chemistry)
Accurate FRET measurements resolving distances and dynamics in biomolecules
10:30-11:10Matthias Deutsch
(Cellular Biophysics)
What happens when HCN-channel expression is reduced in hippocampal neurons?
11:15-11:55Caroline Marciniak
(Physics of Soft Matter)
Programming adaptive colloidal suspensions using holographic optical tweezers

Wednesday, 19th June 2019 (building 15.1, room 249)

9:00-9:40Anton Welker
Molecular motors govern liquidlike dynamics of bacterial colonies
9:45-10:25Juan David Sierra Marquez
(Cellular Biophysics)
ClC-3 Cl-/H+ exchangers in pain perception
10:30-11:10Timm Hondrich
The tip of the triangle – Neuronal synchronicity in designed neuronal networks
11:15-11:55Krishna Chander Sridhar
Calcium-mediated functional interplay between myocardial cells upon mechanical injury in vitro

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019 (building 15.1, room 249)

9:00-9:40Kagithiri Srikantrharajah
Development and application of flexible intracortical implants
9:45-10:25Corinna Meeßen
3D neuronal cell cultures for on-chip analysis
10:30-11:10Jan-Hendrik Budde
(Molecular Physical Chemistry)
title to be announced
11:15-11:55IHRS BioSoft Presentation for "Tag der Neugier"Research in Jülich: international and interdisciplinary

Wednesday, 13th May 2020

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