Student's Seminar Summer 2020

(20-minute talks followed by 20-minute discussions)

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

1:00-1:40Sergi Roca
(Theoretical Physics of Living Matter)
Hydrodynamics of dimeric and trimeric phoretic swimmer

Wednesday, 13th May 2020

9:30-10:10Joel Nelson
Sodium dynamics during local neuronal stimulation
10:15-10:55Benjamin Reineke
(Neutron Scattering and Biological Matter)
Microfluidics for bioprinting
11:00-11:40Bettina Mertens
(Molecular and Cellular Physiology)
Vesicular glutamate transporters are multifunctional proteins

Wednesday, 27th May 2020

8:45-9:25Julian Folz
(Molecular Physical Chemistry)
FRET measurements resolving structures, dynamics, and transitions of un- and farnesylated hGBP1
9:30-10:10Caroline Marciniak
(Physics of Soft Matter)
Setting up a digital micromirror device for optical tweezers
10:15-10:55Timm Hondrich
The complex ways of the neurons - the change in network functionality induced by targeted stimulation
11:00-11:40Manual Escobedo
(Physics of Soft Matter)
Digital Fourier microscopy and its application to soft matter systems

Wednesday, 24th June 2020

8:45-9:25Yulia Kolobkova
(Molecular and Cellular Physiology)
Pathophysiological changes in the hippocampus in a murine model of episodic ataxia 6
9:30-10:10Krishna Chander Sridhar
Characterization of spontaneous signaling events following single myocardial cell death in vitro
10:15-10:55Tabea Wiedenhöft
Delivery of Resveratrol to the cerebral microcirculation using fusogenic liposomes
11:00-11:40Andrei Kostritskii
(Molecular and Cellular Physiology)
Ion conduction by TMEM16 lipid scramblases: insights from MD simulations

Wednesday, 15th July 2020

9:30-10:10Luman Haris
(Neutron Scattering and Biological Matter)
Denatured Prothymosin Alpha: conformational study and nanosecond dynamics revealed by X-ray/neutron scattering
10:15-10:55Kagithiri Srikantharajah
Development and application of flexible intracortical implants
11:00-11:40Post-talk discussions Scientific discussions on Luman's and Kagithiri's talks; reflections on online teaching

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