Python from 0 to Data Analysis

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Powered by HIFIS, IHRS BioSoft, HIDSS4Health and BIF-IGS offer an online basic course on Python. The English-language online course with an emphasis on live coding addresses novices to programming. All interested Ph.D. students in IHRS BioSoft groups can register. However, in case the course should be overbooked priority will be given to fellows of the three schools.

Monday, 22.11.2021
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
First Steps in Python
Wednesday, 24.11.2021
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Introduction to Pandas
Friday, 26.11.2021
9:00 am to noon
Introduction to Matplotlib
Friday, 26.11.2021
Free Exercises & Open Question Session


  • Please email to Sikha, coordinator of the BioInterfaces International Graduate School (BIF-IGS),
  • Please indicate whether you are a fellow or a member of an IHRS-BioSoft group and cc
  • Please indicate whether you would also be interested to participate in the “Machine Learning/Data Science” course that we plan to offer in January 2022 (participation in this course or equivalent knowledge of Python will be a prerequisite).

Course room

Neither prior knowledge nor experience in programming is needed. However, participants will be asked to bring their own computer on which they can install the software. You can get a more detailed idea of what to expect on the course website for the 2021 course.

Enable the participants to write their own scripts in Python to automatically evaluate data and solve recurring or laborious tasks by automation.

The course will introduce basic concepts of Python. Emphasis will be put on live coding (i.e. learners write their code along with the instructors) and overcoming the initial learning hurdles together. Hands-on exercises provide opportunities to test the newly acquired knowledge.

Most of the IHRS BioSoft courses are open to all interested colleagues. If you participate in more than 75% of a course, you can receive a Certificate of Participation. To register for our newsletter, send us a short email with your name, your institute, and your position.

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