Bibliometric Data from ZB for CHE University Ranking 2013/2014

Scopus and PSYNDEX included for the first time

Every year, the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) publishes a ranking list of German universities. Since 2008, the bibliometrics group at the Central Library (ZB) has provided the bibliometric statistics for the CHE University Ranking. The results are published in the


supplement of the national newspaper

Die Zeit



Since 1998, the CHE University Ranking has provided the most comprehensive and detailed ranking of the departments in participating universities, universities of applied science, and universities of cooperative education in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The criteria-based multidimensional ranking provides readers with information for choosing courses of academic study and universities. Over the last few years, the ranking has been used by the universities themselves for purposes of comparison and as a source of information.

Since 2008, the ZB bibliometrics team has provided publication and citation data for the forgoing three-year period, covering the assessment criteria in the research module for the CHE University Ranking. CHE then uses this data taking into account the publication culture of the disciplines to conduct a pre-defined analysis.

This year, the data was updated for engineering and psychology. As sources of data, Scopus (engineering) and PSYNDEX (psychology) were used for the first time in addition to the Web of Science.

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CHE University Ranking 2013/14

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