Monitoring the DFG “Open Access Publication Funding” Programme

The Central Library (ZB) of Forschungszentrum Jülich is monitoring the “Open Access Publication Funding” programme on behalf of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Funding programme

Through the “Open Access Publication Funding” programme, the DFG is providing scientific institutions with financial support for open access publication fees. One of the programme’s key objectives is to further develop its structure to achieve a transparent monitoring of publication fees at scientific institutions and at national and international level. The programme is divided into two phases (2021–2023 and 2024–2027).
German Research Foundation (DFG) – Funding Programme “Open Access Publication Funding”


The aim of monitoring publication fees is to create transparency regarding the publications being funded and the financial resources available as well as the way they are spent. Furthermore, the goal is to improve the availability of data at the institutions. In the form of annual monitoring reports, the DFG decision-making committees are provided with the information they need to evaluate the programme.


When applying for funding from the DFG Open Access Publication Funding programme, the institutions agree to provide a data collection agency with data on the funded publications and to make these data publicly accessible. The DFG commissioned Jülich’s Central Library with the task of monitoring the Open Access Publication Funding programme. This means that ZB is the agency responsible for collecting data in this case.

Shortly after the funding has been granted, the Central Library provides the funded institutions with detailed information on the procedure for submitting data and on the data scheme.

After each year of funding, the institutions must submit the required data. At the beginning of each year of funding, all participating institutions are provided with the data scheme. This means that the data can be entered continuously during the current year of funding. Once all data have been entered, they are uploaded via a customized link.

After a quality check, the data are entered into a dedicated monitoring database, analysed according to various criteria, and made available to the DFG in the form of annual monitoring reports.

Data scheme

In addition to publication metadata, the data scheme also includes the associated financial data and other relevant criteria such as the assignment to the DFG scientific field. In addition to the publications that are eligible for funding and must be recorded, articles and fees that are not eligible for funding can be voluntarily included to help establish comprehensive monitoring.
Monitoring of the DFG funding program "Open Access Publication Costs" – Data scheme (in German) (as of 01.12.2022, xlsx, 143 kB)
Monitoring of the DFG funding program "Open Access Publication Costs" – Data scheme – Explanatory notes (in German) (as of 25.01.2023, PDF, 709 kB)

Institutions that do not participate in the DFG funding programme can use the data scheme for their own monitoring purposes after adapting it and without including any DFG funding details.

Reusing data

Sharing data with the Open Access Monitor (OAM) and OpenAPC is optional and can be approved by the institutions when uploading data. Institutions that do not receive funding can also use the data scheme to report their own data to the OAM and OpenAPC.
ZB website – Open Access Monitoring
OpenAPC initiative – About


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Monitoring of the DFG funding program "Open Access Publication Costs" – Data Privacy Information according to Art. 13, 14 and 21 GDPR (PDF, 101 kB)

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