Data Management Plans

Data management begins as early as during the planning phase of a research project. It is often helpful to create a data management plan (DMP). This document outlines the strategy for dealing with research data – from data acquisition and data archiving to data reuse in new research programmes.

Ideally, the DMP should be accessible to everyone involved in the project. In addition, DMPs are expected by an increasing number of research funding bodies who would like to see the responsible and sustainable handling of data.

A DMP aims to:

  • determine a strategy for handling research data throughout the research project and after its conclusion
  • improve transparency
  • integrate data management into research processes

The Central Library offers advisory services and trainings.

Further information on research data management can be found on the intranet of Forschungszentrum Jülich.
Intranet FZJ – Central Library– Research Data Management


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Last Modified: 05.07.2023