Open Access

Forschungszentrum Jülich’s Central Library supports open access.

"Gold open access":

"Green open access":

  • first publication of scientific articles in open access journals
  • quality control by means of peer review
  • publication agreement with the publisher to define the rights of use transferred by the author to the publisher and the terms of use for articles
  • publication fees usually apply
  • parallel or subsequent publication of digital contents on an institutional or disciplinary open access document server
  • Preprint: is scientific work that has not been peer-reviewed, author has rights of use
  • Postprint: "Final Draft Post Referee" scientific work that has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication by a publisher, but not yet in the publisher's layout

Publication via JuSER publications portal

The full-text repository of Forschungszentrum Jülich is operated by the Central Library. It has an open access policy. Content of the open access collection of the publication portal can be read and downloaded in PDF format. Authors are requested to upload the accepted manuscript version of the publication (final draft post referee) in JuSER. After verifying secondary publication rights, the Central Library will enable free access as soon as possible, thus ensuring the dissemination of the publication. Once the publication has been uploaded to JuSER it can be found by open access search engines.
Open Access in the JuSER Publications Portal


Nadja Kalinna
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Publications Team

Open access representative of FZJ:
Ines Schmahl
+49 2461 61-6889

Last Modified: 03.06.2022