Second-Hand Book Sale – Thanks for Donations

From 15 to 26 July

Bücherflohmarkt 2013
Forschungszentrum Jülich, ZB (TA)

A second-hand book sale took place in the Reading Room of the Central Library (ZB) at the start of the summer holidays, from 15 to 26 July. A total of € 365 was raised for the ‘Kleine Füchse’ daycare centre.

We would like to thank everyone who donated either a book or money, and especially those who generously gave more than € 1 in exchange for a book.

Fiction and non-fiction books that you think others would enjoy can be still donated in the Reading Room now and throughout the year. For the next second-hand book sale on Open Day, we will be looking for children’s and young adults’ books in particular.

Contact: Beatrix Küven
Email: ZB-Auskunft
Tel: 6110
Reading Room Team

Verein Kleine Füchse – Kindertagesstätte

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