Setting JuLib eXtended Information Portal as a Search Engine

Add JuLib eXtended to the list of custom search engines in your browser – in just three mouse clicks.

The Central Library (ZB) continuously strives to make it easier for users to integrate its range of information services into their familiar working environments

JuLib eXtended can be added to the list of custom search engines in browsers’ search bars.
Supported browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

Once you have added JuLib eXtended, you can search the portal quickly and easily straight from your browser. Just like in the information portal itself, search terms will be automatically suggested when you type a search query. The search results are taken from JuLib eXtended’s Books & More section. To switch to the Articles and More section, just click on the corresponding tab under the search bar on the results page.

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JuLib eXtended Information Portal

Contact: Heidi Schmiedicke
Tel: 6208
Licence Management team

Setting JuLib eXtended as a search engine using Firefox 31.0 as an example

1. Click on the link in the bottom right-hand corner of the start page of the JuLib eXtended information portal to add JuLib eXtended to the list.

2. Click “Add” (English browsers) or “Hinzufügen” (German browsers).

Tick the box to select JuLib eXtended as your current search engine.

3. JuLib eXtended will then be added to your browser’s list of custom search engines. You can then simply select it from the drop-down menu in your search bar.

JuLib eXtended – Firefox browser extension

Add JuLib eXtended to list of custom search engines now

Last Modified: 26.02.2022