From Open Access to Open Science – ZB is Point of Contact at Jülich

The Board of Directors of Forschungszentrum Jülich has appointed Dr. Christoph Holzke from the Central Library (ZB) as Jülich’s representative in the Helmholtz Association’s Open Science Working Group. He will thus act as a point of contact for all colleagues on campus for the topic of open science.

In connection with the plans to extend the concept of “open” from accessing scientific publications to the entire scientific working process, the working group’s primary tasks involve providing networking and advisory services for actors within the Helmholtz Association. The term “open science” includes the following well-established areas: open access, open resources, open data, and open source.

Open Science in the Helmholtz Association

Contact: Dr. Christoph Holzke
Tel: 6104
Head of Scientific Services

Last Modified: 26.02.2022